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At Hunter's Biz we are always looking for new and exciting technology to keep the industry moving foward. Look no further than DTF Printing! 

This exciting new technology is changing the way companies and individuals look at heat transfers. No color limits, no more wasted vinyl, just cut it off the roll and stamp. 

Ordering transfers has never been easier! 

dtf tranfers

Looking to get a custom order?
We offer a simple solution that will allow you to gang your images together. Just follow the link below and upload your images. 

Please Read

Invoices, and payment options will be sent once files are excepted.

Please do not submit unless you want file printed. It will not show you price after submitted. 

Acceptable file formats:  300 plus DPI is recommended.

                                       Files expected .eps, .ai, .png, .tif, .pdf 

                                       Transparent background. We will not remove background.

                                       Pre - ganged sheets can not be uploaded .

                                       Do not mirror your images.

Color: For best color results use CYMK format. If created in RGB the colors may not match.

This is your artwork and we print exactly what you upload.     



For orders larger than link please email us at for a quote.


Turn around time: 2 -3 business days for small orders, plus shipping

                             3-5 business days for large orders plus shipping


Pricing is as follows:

2-99 SQ FT $3.95 per square ft

100 - 300  SQ FT $3.50 per square ft

300 plus SQ Ft $ 3.00 per square ft

600 plus please contact us for pricing.


All orders emailed, must be ganged, if not there will be an extra charge applied.

Editing colors or changing design is subject to a $25.00 fee per design.

Once we have received order we will invoice you, with details of how to pay.  Full payment must be received before images will be printed.

You have Questions, We Have Answers

Is there a minimum DTF order?

There are no minimums for DTF transfers. 

What artwork file types are required?

Vector files (EPS, SVG, PDF) are preferred, but a high resolution transparent bitmap (PNG) at 300 DPI can also be printed. 

What products can be printed with DTF Transfers?

Almost any product can be printed with DTF transfers. If you can heat press a product, then most likely it can be printed with a DTF transfer. 

What temperature should a DTF transfer be pressed at?

Our DTF transfers can be applied as low as 265* to as hot as 375*. We suggest pressing 100% polyester products at 265* and all blends + cotton  at 325* for 13 seconds with medium pressure. 

What is the shelf life of a DTF heat transfer?

When stored properly DTF transfers have a shelf life of over a year. It is important to keep the transfers in a low humidity environment (under 40%) to ensure the ink releases from the film when it is pressed onto a product. 

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