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Hunter's Biz is number one in delivering high quality embroidery decorations by our experienced embroidery department which is all done here in-house!

This application is commonly used on hats, jackets, shirts, toques, sports bags, patches and much more. This is ideal for smaller areas with multiple colours in a logo.

We can help you create your new logo or design and once that is finalized, we then digitize your artwork to create an embroidery file. For new logos, we do an initial sew-out to ensure there are no glitches in the digitized file.

You give us the final approval before begin production!


Another great way to add extra design elements to your garment is with sewn twill. You are able to cover a greater area without extra stitches as well as layering your design.

We design your shirt and then cut the twill using our Laser Engraver. Once cut, we will embroider it onto the garment for a finished look that will last.

Custom twill being cut

Twill finished being cut

kent twill cut.jpg

Finished Product

kent finished sample.jpg
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