Photography frequently asked questions

Please read through our frequently asked questions to find answers to common questions. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

Do I need to add tax?

No. All applicable tax is already included in your package price.

My child wears glasses, will there be a reflection from the flash?

We usually take several pictures and adjust the angle of the glasses. However, it is impossible to guarantee there won't be a glare.

My child can't be there at the scheduled picture time, can I come earlier or later?

Yes. But remember that they will not be in the team photo so you may want to order items from our envelope that do not include a team photo.

I have several children in the program. Can all the photos be shipped together?

No. Sorry, the pictures are printed and packed by team and we cannot stop the process to combine orders.

I have two or more children. Can I write one check?

Yes. Write the check number on all of your envelopes and insert the check into one. Ex. Your check number was #1130


Can I have more than one child in the same photo?

Yes. But be careful when ordering items that have your child's name such as our trading cards, magazine cover and personal players plaque. They are personalized items that have the players names listed. Check with our clerks for details on how to fill out the envelope.

Do I need to pay on Picture Day?

Yes, but only if you are ordering additional photos. It is a prepay program.

Am I able to view my player's photo before I order?

Yes, once they are available online to view.


Can I order online?

Yes, you can. If you choose to order online, there is a flat shipping fee. We are sorry for any inconvenience, and continue to encourage you to order on Picture Day.

What if I receive my order and something is wrong?

Here at Hunter's Sports we offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Contact us at or give us a call at 1-888-883-3220, we will gladly help resolve any of your issues.

If a coach or player cannot make it to Picture Day, can you Photoshop them in?

Yes, the photographer will need to know with at least a days notice. This ensures that we set the team photo up accordingly. There is also a Photoshop fee of $75/ person.